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Caregivers’ Hope, Inc. is a non-profit, 501(c) (3), faith based organization. It is the fulfillment of one of three promises made by co-founder and family caregiver, Deborah Rucker-Turner, to her mother, Rosie Rucker. The promise was made two days prior to the day that Deborah’s mother died in her arms from Alzheimer’s. It was a commitment to help ease the burden of other family caregivers, and to keep elderly family members out of long term care facilities when it is not medically necessary. Her mother nodded giving her approval. Preliminary planning for an organization to support family caregivers was started a couple of years prior to her mother’s death.

Deborah’s commitment to help other family caregivers is birthed out of 12 ½ years of experience as her mother’s caregiver. She has journeyed through the entire life cycle of caregiving, which starts with the on set of a debilitating illness, to in-home hospice, and demise of the care recipient. During the last 8 ½ years, her husband and co-founder, Kenneth Turner, helped her care for her mother in the family home. He is also committed to helping other family caregivers. The co-founders, like 60 percent of family caregivers, were employed.

The Turners know too well the stress, burnout, trials, and isolation that family caregivers endure out of love. Both understand the financial, physical, and emotional challenges that come with each stage of the caregiving life cycle. These issues result from lack of information, resources, support, excellence in home health care services, and respite. These things confronted often them. The Turners learned from other family caregivers that these were common issues. These common issues, with which family caregivers contend, became the basis for the four visionary area programs and services.

Caregivers’ Hope, Inc. was started with a personal contribution from the co-founders, six weeks after the death of Deborah’s mother. Services to family caregivers started immediately. The initial members of the Board of Directors consisted of Deborah Rucker-Turner, Chairperson, President, CEO; Kenneth A. Turner, Vice Chair, Vice President; LeMonica Washington Hakeem, CPA, Treasurer; and Rev. Deborah C. Maddox Turman, Secretary. The structure of the organization is a seven member Board of Directors and a twelve member Advisory Board. Many of the members bring experience as family caregivers and/or work with the elderly, in addition to their professional business expertise in numerous areas.

Board of Directors members Deborah Rucker-Turner and Deborah C. Maddox Turman have been trained at the Rosalyn Carter Institute for Caregiving (RCI) to lead an education and support program for caregivers entitled Caring for Me, Caring for You. Caregivers’ Hope, Inc. is a part of RCI’s Atlanta CARE-NET.


The mission of Caregivers’ Hope, Inc. is to provide support and training to family caregivers, particularly those caring for the elderly, ages 60 years or older, to prevent or delay placement of aging family members in long term care institutions; and to deter or prevent caregiver burnout, elder abuse and neglect, caregiver health problems, deterioration of families and marriages, and isolation of caregivers.


Caregivers' Hope, Inc.
P.O. Box 94173
Atlanta, GA. 30377

Email: info@caregivers-hope.org




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