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The mission of Caregivers' Hope, Inc. is achieved through four Visionary Programs. The services that each program offers meet the needs of family caregivers. Caregivers' Hope, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, and contributions from tax deductible donations help to cover the cost of the programs.

The services are for family caregivers, particularly those caring for an elderly family member, age 60 years or older, in the family home. Senior caregiving has been selected as our primary focus group because of this growing segment of the population, and the reports of abuse and neglect in long term facilities. Also eligible are caregivers who care for an adult family member at home who has a chronic or terminal illness.


Purpose: To prevent and/or relieve the stress and burnout associated with 24 hour caregiving; prevent and deter isolation of caregivers from family and friends; and allow quality time with spouses who are also involved in the caregiving.

Family caregivers' needs for respite such as time away from the caregiving environment; stress relief; and time with friends and family are met through the Planned Respite Outings Program. We offer planning, scheduling, coordinating, and paying for the cost of outings for the caregivers to do something that they enjoy with a family member or friend. We provide individualized outings such as seeing a play, going out to dinner, seeing a movie, an overnight stay at a local hotel, concerts, watching a local sporting event, and golfing to name a few. The outings are provided on a quarterly basis.


Purpose: To offer stress relief; prevent or deter elder abuse and neglect; and provide support and training for caregivers to enable them to care for their family members in the home.

Family caregivers' needs for education and support; better relationships with professional caregivers; to learn how to relieve stress; and to avoid health problems by taking care of oneself are addressed through our Never Alone Support Groups. The meetings are open to both professional caregivers and family caregivers, thus allowing Caregivers' Hope, Inc. to provide a forum for the two groups to develop a better understanding of the concerns and issues facing them through group discussions. Other services provided through this forum are education on caregiver issues, information about resources, and how to relax and take care of themselves. Meetings include a light meal and even an occasional pampering.

Contact us for more information about participating in one of our support groups.


Purpose: To deter and prevent elder abuse and neglect; support family caregivers; and to relieve stress and caregiver burnout.

Family caregivers need excellent home health care services to avoid having stress added by those who are suppose to help relieve some of the burden of caregiving. Caregivers' Hope, Inc. meets this need through the Rosie Rucker Community Service Award, which is given to the home health care professional who provides elderly clients and their family caregivers extraordinary care with compassion. The award celebrates and acknowledges such a high standard of care that it raises the bar for the expected standard of care for these professionals.

The award is named after the mother of Caregivers' Hope, Inc. Co-founder and CEO, Deborah Rucker-Turner. The inspiration for the award were the home health care professionals who provided services for her mother. However, Tina Dixon (Hospice Atlanta) and Vivian Butler (Visiting Nurses) provided the most inspiration.

Mrs. Rucker, who was in the severe stage of Alzheimer's, presented them with many challenges, including being combative. Both Ms. Dixon and Ms. Butler met the challenges with a smile, providing EXTRAORDINARY care with COMPASSION for both Mrs. Rucker and her daughter. They went above and beyond to provide the best care for Mrs.Rucker, help relieve the daughter's stress, but more importantly to not add stress. They were like members of the family.

The award will be offered annually starting in June 2005. To learn more about the selection criteria and nomination process click here.


Purpose: To support every aspect of the mission of Caregivers' Hope, Inc.

Family Caregivers need education and support. These crucial needs will be met through a Caregivers Conference hosted by Caregivers' Hope, Inc. The conference will offer workshops to provide education on issues that caregivers face. They will learn about new services and products. The conference will be open to current family caregivers, those who see themselves as future family caregivers, and to professional caregivers as well. Coming 2006.


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